Spinning Out a Story About Simeon Ndesandjo – Ruth Obama’s Second Husband; Updated!

© Miri WTPOTUS October 6, 2011

Recently, new information turned up concerning the second husband of Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama Ndesandjo (Barack H. Obama II’s stepmother). Ruth’s second husband’s name is Simeon Ndesandjo. As previously reported, he was a friend of her first husband Barack Hussein Obama (BHO Sr.). Simeon is Tanzanian, not Kenyan.

Ruth Beatrice Obama married Simeon Ndesandjo about 1980. See our O Timeline for links and details. Subsequently, Ruth’s two sons by BHO Sr., Mark and David,  took Simeon’s surname: Ndesandjo.

American news stories state that with Simeon, Ruth had another son by the name of Joseph. “Joey” is mentioned in Barack II’s fictional “memoir”, Dreams From My Father. But no Richard. More about him later.

We know that Ruth’s husband was Simeon Ndesandjo, and that’s confirmed by this public notice from the Kenya Gazette, Feb. 3, 2006:

That notice also confirms that Ruth’s middle name is Beatrice (unless that’s her maiden name). Until Janny Scott wrote her biography of Stanley Ann Dunham (A Singular Woman), we were told that Ruth’s maiden name was Nidesand (suspiciously close to her eventual married name). Scott informs us for the first time that Ruth’s maiden name was Baker and that she’s the daughter of the late Maurice and Ida Baker, of Newton, Massachusetts. So far, we have no independent secondary confirmation of that information. Ruth isn’t talking.

One of our regular commenters, alfy, recently tipped us to a 2010 Kenyan magazine article about Ruth.  In the interview, Ruth described how she named the kindergarten that Simeon Ndesandjo had built for her. The school is known as Madari. Her sons, she says, are Mark, David (reportedly deceased), and Richard; the first two letters of each name make up the name of the kindergarten: MA DA RI.

Now this is quite a puzzlement, because heretofore it’s been reported that Ruth’s children are Mark and David, by BHO Sr., and Joseph, by Simeon, although very early news stories from Kenya reported that Ruth had sons (plural) with Simeon, which leaves open the possibility that she does have another son, named Richard Ndesandjo.

There are news articles about a Kenyan tennis player (from the early 2000s) named Richard Ndesandjo, who competed for the Davis Cup (among other titles) and who also apparently attended Cornell University from 1994 through 1998. (Those articles are now available only by subscription.) Today, Richard is about 35 years old, being born circa 1976, so about 4 years before Joseph. But wait!

Ruth and BHO Sr. were divorced by then, and she and Simeon were not yet married, although as with most stories about the extended Obama clan, accounts vary.  Perhaps this is a different Richard Ndesandjo. Or perhaps that timing explains the apparent quasi-news blackout about Richard.

Another day, another Obama family puzzle.

Maybe Joseph was merely a twinkle in Simeon’s eye when Ruth named the kindergarten after her then-3 sons. The kindergarten’s website says that the school was “purposely built in 1979″ but opened the following year. Ruth also said that she’s a grandmother, as of 2010. Which son provided these grandchildren, is not known.

But back to Simeon. It appears that he was a very well-connected man of government as well as business. (Like BHO Sr., in fact!)

In June of 1963, the Kenya National Assembly Record (the Hansard) mentioned Simeon Ndesandjo. Specifically, friend of BHO Sr. and then Kenyan Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Tom Mboya, referred to a photograph in the East Africa Standard, stating that the House of Representatives had been

told that the top executive management at K.B.C. [Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation] is all Luo.

He referred to and named the men in the photograph (not available to WTPOTUS), referring to the men as those who

are going to be the top persons in the Voice of Kenya.

Mboya identified Mr. Simeon Ndesandjo, Head of Swahili Service, and then went on to complain that

out of this effective list, there is only one Luo.

Whether that one Luo was Simeon Ndesandjo, is anyone’s guess. Below is a screen shot of the excerpt that mentions Simeon Ndesandjo:

That House debate concerned nationalization of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. According to Wikipedia,

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is the state-run media organization of Kenya. It broadcasts in both English and Swahili, as well as in most local languages of Kenya. The corporation started its life in 1928 when Kenya was a British colony. In 1964, when Kenya became an independent country, the corporation’s name was changed to Voice of Kenya. In 1989, the Kenyan parliament reverted the corporation’s name from Voice of Kenya to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. … During the rule of former president Daniel arap Moi, KBC became the official mouthpiece of the government. Each broadcast opened with a piece on what the president had been doing that day.

Daniel arap Moi was the Speaker of the House at the time of that 1963 debate; Mboya congratulated involved parties on the swift Africanization of the KBC.

So Mr. Simeon Ndesandjo, early on, was a key player in the business of Africanization and nationalization during the move to Kenyan independence from British rule.  Not unlike his friend, BHO Sr.

Between 1964 and 1979, Simeon became the owner of a firm called High Fidelity Productions of Nairobi.  In 1979, he obtained another prestigious and likely lucrative position: Chairman of CBS Records Kenya, a new subsidiary of CBS Records, International. That would be Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), not the current CBS Records, which is a division of Viacom.

A photo from the “launch party” for the new subsidiary was published in Billboard magazine that November:

The caption reads:

Launch Party: Peter Bond, right, CBS Records International vice president responsible for African affairs, officially opens the company’s new Kenyan subsidiary at a special ceremony in Nairobi. Left is John Dolan, CBS Records International vice  president out of New York; center is Simeon Ndesandjo, chairman of CBS Records Kenya.

Following is text from the article; see this link for the rest.

Overseeing the new company is Peter Bond, vice president of CBS Records International, whose considerable African experience (including the stewardship of Phonogram Kenya [Ltd.]) led to the partnership choice of High Fidelity.  Latter firm’s owner, Simeon Ndesandjo, will serve as chairman of the new CBS subsidiary.

In addition to Ndesandjo, CBS Records Kenya will have a managing director, to be appointed (probably from the current 10-person staff) by Peter Bond.

The company has temporary headquarters at Uchumi House in Nairobi, but is seeking a permanent site. Bond, normally based in London, is currently working out of the Kenyan capital during the launch period.

John Dolan characterizes the Kenya move as a significant, though not major, investment.  It’s a modest market in sales terms, he says, but vital as a talent source and springboard into other African territories.  There are good concert venue facilities and a thriving club scene.  …

He also mentions the help received by the multinational during the formation of its new subsidiary, from banking, government and media circles.

With the appointment of a managing director, one wonders if Simeon was selected to Africanize the company, for the sake of appearances.  In the same way that some “minority-owned” businesses today are actually fronts for white-owned businesses, with a minority figurehead.  Was affirmative action at work, way back then, in 1979, in Kenya?

A man named Peter Colmore founded High Fidelity Productions, Ltd, of Kenya.  Interesting fellow, Colmore. From his obituary:

When the stolid colonial government was confronted with the Mau-Mau rebellion and a world spotlight turned on African nationalist aspirations, Colmore was the obvious choice to initiate one response – to inaugurate a new more human Swahili broadcasting service. He again recruited announcers, quiz masters, musicians and comedians and, once that painful era of Kenya’s history had passed, he was in a good position to contribute to further improving race relations in the new Kenya.

He took Kenyan citizenship and his succession of houses in Muthaiga – a prestigious Nairobi suburb soon bristling with ministerial and ambassadorial residencies – was always full of African guests, by no means all from the new up-and-coming good and famous classes. He was never poor and, if one overlooks the five Rolls-Royces he owned during this period, nor was he at all ostentatious. Ever a natural liberal, if he nevertheless unconsciously continued to insist on the attention and precedence in Kenyan daily life formerly demanded by the settler classes, most Africans cheerfully continued to accord them to him, largely perhaps on account of his age and good, if quite often bawdy, humour.

A gifted photographer – he took the official portrait of President Jomo Kenyatta – and also no mean mimic, occasionally he could be persuaded to perform at parties and before hilarious audiences at Muthaiga Country Club. His Swahili was immaculate, but he could also converse in several other Kenyan languages and was never happier – or more popular – than when joking and haggling in vernacular markets.

The man sounds very much like the kind of guy BHO Sr. would seek out.  BHO Sr. and Colmore probably knew each other, since they likely ran in the same circles.  Did Simeon Ndesandjo know Colmore?  Both were involved in Swahili broadcasting. Ndesandjo, during the sixties, at KBC.  Later, both men were involved with High Fidelity Productions.  Colmore may have been Ndesandjo’s boss, if High Fidelity of Nairobi was a subsidiary of High Fidelity of Kenya. We already knew that BHO Sr. and Ndesandjo were friends.

So is this record and broadcasting mogul–Simeon Ndesandjo–Ruth Obama’s second husband? Circumstantial evidence argues yes. Currently, he’s Facebook “friends” with Joseph’s wife Dora. He’s 75 years old, the perfect age for a contemporary of both Ruth and BHO Sr.  And Ndesandjo is not a very common name in Nairobi. Likely, this connected guy is Ruth’s mysterious Tanzanian husband. If memory serves, he very much resembles the man we once saw in a wedding video.

Here’s a fun link to an example of High Fidelity’s work.  Talk with the animals!

h/t to all our crack researchers here at WTPOTUS. For more information and details, check out this thread on our research blog. This post will be updated as more information is found about Simeon and Ruth, and especially with regard to the mysterious Richard Ndesandjo.

Stay tuned, as they used to say in broadcasting!

UPDATE 10/7/2011:

A photo of Simeon at his son Joseph’s wedding:

Here it is somewhat enlarged.  The best result possible, given it was from a screen shot from an online video.

Identification confirmed?

The Kenya Gazette informs us that in 1962, Simeon Ndesanjo (aka Ndesandjo) was appointed to the position of Broadcasting Producer by the Kenyan Civil Service.  He made £855-1170.  Haven’t a clue what that translates to in today’s British pounds.

Confirmed! Peter Colmore and Simeon Ndesandjo did know one another.  A snippet from a book, published in 1963:

So not only was Simeon a producer, a recording executive, and a broadcasting mogul, he seems to have been a TV star!  A man of many talents.  His program, Bata Shoe Box Show, must have been quite a hit, especially with that illustrious, madcap co-star Peter Colmore.

Here is a newer post about Ruth “Nidesand”.

Note: 11/20/2012 post was modified to reflect the true author and main researcher for this article.

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387 responses to “Spinning Out a Story About Simeon Ndesandjo – Ruth Obama’s Second Husband; Updated!

  1. http://www.geditcom.com/samples/Obamas/INDIs/II87.html

    the book said that David went to his Dads funeral 11-24- 1982 &
    died 2 years After BO Sr …(about 1984?) so

    • Yes, our timeline has David’s death around 1984, but …

      • david… read he didn’t like Ruth changing his name he acted out
        ran off was living on the streets & begging.. but when he had his
        accident he may have lost or near lost his head… now that could
        still be O’ …if you ask me.. butt who does… really … it was on a
        blog .. so is that why they say nothing?…I ponder on… OR… ?

        • I remember that, too. So like Barry acting out and turning on. Then there’s that Bari Shabazz in Hawaii who did have an accident, although it was a car (or was it)? Sure, somebody looks like his head has been put back together.

          • From >>> November 7, 2011

            Mario Apuzzo:

            “Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?”

            “On November 4, 2011, an anonymous source emailed me something very interesting. To substantiate the content of the email, the writer directed me to go to a web site of the Judiciary for the State of Hawaii and to do a search of cases that have been disposed of by that State’s traffic courts. The anonymous source had done just that and so the person provided me with the information which that traffic court shows on its web site.

            I did go to the Hawaii traffic court’s web site which is called eCourt Kokua and I was eventually able to confirm the information that the anonymous source sent me. …

            What do these reports say and what questions do they raise? The Case ID is 1193041 MO. The name of the case is State v. Bari Shabazz which was a non-jury case. The case is characterized as a “Traffic Crime,” with a “REPORT number W50100.” The offense occurred on March 12, 1982. …”


            • Actually, it doesn’t appear that the person is the character in the WH, but it was fun to throw it out there. Just snarking.

          • hahaha…just for the record I was the anonymous source! Ahhhh, memories. I only looked up that name because what’s her name with the Joanne Newman theory (really, I’m drawing a blank) brought the name up and that was one of the “official” databases I knew of. I was completely surprised when I actually found a record of a Bari Shabazz. I then looked up the Columbia U. schedule and discovered it would have fallen on the edge of spring break that year. So, I emailed Mario. I was actually hoping he’d investigate, or know someone who could investigate, NOT publish the info, but oh well. It turned out to be nothing, as far as I know.

            • :) I sort of remember that all, NOW. My memory is shot. Too full of too many details and it’s even worse because there are so many conflicting details. I have to wonder, at this point, whether that was planted info (in the databases, I mean); but, iirc, they found that his name was never originally Bari Shabazz and that he changed it from some humdrum name and he’s from one of the other islands (not Hawaii). Can’t remember.

        • “Living on the streets begging” There is that story mentioned here, not too long ago, where the article says Barry, (think when he was running for either senator or president) lived on the streets of Jakarta begging……

        • Really now, Why I don’t know the need for David who, the only photo of him is a pitiful composite or digitally created fiction. David may have created just in case this crowd needed another dead person to pile a bunch of cultural hogwash onto for cultural diversity sake. Hasn’t it occurred yet to anyone that the media, the crowd in Washington , the Axelrod/Jarrett camp thinks that this is how you win wars, become globally diverse and peace and stability and control will be the rage. Their about to get away with it bouncing this crab off of naive gullible nice people. Why do you think that umpteen numbers of people claiming to be Obama”s fammily memberss are writing books about their great struggles and the great cultures we must embrace, the wonderful diversity all brought about by the” ONE” to cross the great divide, from Maya , spouting about the great Asian people, Mark telling us how lovely and familylike the Chinese are, To the crazy Malik who obviously doesn’t even have to be a good story teller and people will buy it. Mark’s already preaching his book Cultures and preaching Global Citizenry everywhere he goes, and volunteerism and reminising about Ghandi and Confuscious, and heck they’ve even got a misfit conservative educated drug addict pontificating and we’re believing this crap. Pardon me, but it’s all CRAP! Blow up the photo of Simeon, you get two noses, or blow up a screen shot of Stanley A. from Maya’s video here, the one with she, lolo and bo on the sofa; Ann looks like so unlife like, they just as well brought somebody from the morgue for this photo. Her mouth along with other features have been pieced together, and Bo’s ears came from somewhere else. Blow up many more, they aren’t real.
          The only reason I or I’m sure any of you would venture to read all these characters books is because you know you would be looking for other points of deception, because deep down, we’ve all known for some time that most the narrative is a complete fiction and a hoax.
          I have written a letter today to convey my early discovery to someone in hopes they can get some real in my hands documents to prove a few various things. I hope it works. You’ll be the first to know what happens. All I need is a couple documents and that should do it. Actually I’ve already sent it, so we’ll see.

          • oops , here’s Princess Maya’s piece–http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3J-QFLkl_FA#t=149

          • Agree with what you said here, alfy. It’s sad, the way you put it. It’s true that we are “looking for other points of deception, because deep down, we’ve all known for some time that … the narrative is a complete fiction and a hoax.” The problem is that we’re so powerless in the face of this. Like the child who sees that the Emperor has no clothes, but in our case, NOBODY hears us. I hope your attempt at documents works. I have little hope today that Issa and Boehner will arrest Lerner, as they should have done on Wednesday, given that Issa apologized to Cummings instead of vice versa.

    • How old was Joseph when he lost his brother? 4 maybe? Ruth was probably about 47. Jugears was about 23.

      Why didn’t SAD and Gramps rush him to the funeral?

      Did he have to discover his home country people all by his lonesome?

      • Good thinking, Papoose. Joey was about 3 or 4 when David died, depending on when he really died, but the year is allegedly 1984. Remember how Barry said Simeon was bouncing little Joey on his lap when Barry was there to meet Mark for the “first” time, which BARRY claims happened in 1988? Joey would have been small enough to bounce in 1983-4, but NOT in 1988, because then he was at least 8 years old. So that gives us more context. We KNOW that David was dead (if he ever existed and isn’t “Barry”), because you’d expect Barry to have written about him if he were still living. He did write a lot about Roy/Malik, who was with him everywhere on that first trip. David, it was said, LIVED WITH ROY in his apartment after he left Ruth’s house because they disagreed about David being more in touch with his African roots (which I read to mean that he wanted to be more MUSLIM, like Malik). The consensus seems to be that Joseph was born about 1980, which would make Ruth 43, if she was 3 in the 1940 census, meaning born in 1937 or so. Like Sarah, she had babies pretty late in life. I never thought about it but do Muslims reject birth control, like Catholics do?

      • I’ve read a lot of old stories lately and something jumped out at me: They always say that Barry went to Hawaii to live with his grandmother. No mention of Stan.

  2. malik… new book 2012…

    • I bet that’s a page turner. :)

      • bwahahahaaa

        now i have to read the link. i need some zen.

        • OMG, reading excerpts from Malik’s book….SOOOOOOOOOO poorly written as to be almost incomprehensible. He shoulda got Bill to write his, too. But there may be some tidbits of info in there so I’m reading on…and on.
          Try this little nugget of what looks to be middle school composition:

          On a beautiful Sunday at the onset of 1960, moments stirred up issues.Every issue came up for a moment and that turned out to be an element of change. Rita Auma wasn’t only born, but she ended up joining the long list of Roy (her brother), the eight-year-old Zeituni, Nyaoke, and Hawa, and Omar: aunties and uncle, respectively.Above all the births that occurred at the start of this year at Lady Ainsworth Community Hospital, Rita was already born and her life started. Kenya’s politics was growing by the day—torture, violence, discrimination, and stalking became the day-to-day major ingredient of governance. And the grip of the colonialists onto power became more and more determined and defined than the day earlier.A year had passed since Barack left Kenya; Kezia was shuffling up and down—life changing wild enough—too much bills to pay, no proper income,

          • I read part of it once, too, SEO, and I had to stop. I don’t think he could afford to pay a ghostwriter, or else he’s too cheap to. No friends like Ayers around, apparently. But there’s similar crummy writing in the Kenyan media, so maybe this is typical. See how young their aunts and uncles are in relation to them? Could it be that he wrote this in his native language and then it was translated? The man is supposed to be educated, lived in the USA for years, and gives lectures in English. It reads like what the translation software produces from the Indonesian stories.

          • And this one, this is 1972, he (this is the ‘voice’ of Ezra aka Obied Obama telling the story) Barack Sr had been in the hospital for his first accident for about a year it seems:
            \hat aside, a year later when he had left the facility, I remember when he asked me to take Mark and David to the village to see the grandfather. These were some of the times he would be so busy at work, and no one would be there to take the boys to the rural. Of course, Ruth would remain in the city. I boarded the Lolwe bus, Mark and David romping behind me. Previously, at the bus station, passersby asked me where I was taking the white children—the children they called wazungus.

            I answered rudely, ‘I’m taking them to their white father.’ Some laughed, and others looked at me and said nothing.

          • It actually was written by someone else, so maybe THAT guy wasn’t as proficient in English.
            Have we ever heard of Kalisha Page?
            I was back and the senator arrived under heavy security. There was Michelle, Malia, and Sasha. We had breakfast that everyone enjoyed. I had a small talk with the senator, the wife, and the children. Also conspicuously present was Kalisha Page, his personal aide and special assistant. She was amazing.

    • hyuk hyuk hmmmhyuk hyuk

  3. I am seeing a resemblance. For the first time. wow.
    Is George refusing to be a sell-out?

    From 2016, awesome movie, Josephus 21st:


    My Brother’s Keeper. not so much. but i see a resemblance.
    and he’s on to “colonialism’ and discusses it in lilting, perfect English.

    Shove it bro. ~ by George.

    ~ Public Announcement
    Please watch 2016 by any means possible. Interesting too, that Laura Ingraham knows our Hero, oh so well. And she seems to get along fairly well with Mark. Hope she knows Sheriff Joe, too.

  4. HALF SIB #8 — DAD’S SIDE — GEORGE Lastly, from Barack Obama Sr.’s last known relationship, is George, whom Obama met during that 1987 visit to Kenya. “I took comfort in the fact that perhaps one day, when he was older, George, too, might want to know who his father had been, and who his brothers and sisters were, and that if he ever came to me I would be there for him, to tell him the story I knew,” Obama wrote.”

    (wow. the gall.)

    Jael. Wonder what name she goes by. Does she know Kezia and Ruth?

    • key words: last KNOWN relationship. How many others? This guy was a one-man sperm bank.

    • Yeah, don’t expect me to help you financially George, but I can tell you a good story. Hey, the same attitude he has toward the country, eh?

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