Meet Malik! Obama’s Oldest Brother – Updated

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A recent story at World Net Daily documented some shady business concerning the eldest brother of President Barack Hussein Obama II.  Malik Obama’s charity foundation, which he named after their father, received an unexplained retroactive reprieve by the IRS, no doubt courtesy of his declared half-brother Barack. But before we get into that story, let’s examine some of what we here at WTPOTUS have learned over the years about Abon’go Malik Obama (aka Roy Obama, aka Abdul Malik Hussein Obama, aka Al-Malik Hussein Obama).

O Brother, who art thou?


Malik was born March 15, 1958, to Barack Hussein Obama (BHO Sr., aka Barry Wuod Akumu Nyanjoga Obama) and his first wife Kezia (or Keziah) Aoko “Grace” Nyandega.

Not long afterward, his father departed for the United States, to study at the University of Hawaii Manoa, where he allegedly met and married Stanley Ann Dunham, the purported mother of the current president of the United States. The family told reporters in 2004 that BHO Sr. left for the US in 1959, where he worked for an oil company, studied at the U of Hawaii, and met and married a white woman named Anna Toot.

Malik and his mother, it’s said, remained behind in Kenya. At the time of BHO Sr.’s departure, Kezia was pregnant with their daughter, Auma Marie “Rita” Obama (aka Dr. Rita Obama, aka Auma Saidi), who was born in January 1960. See our O Timeline for details and links to sources. In 1962, on immigration paperwork, BHO Sr. stated that he had only one child, Roy (Malik).

Ruth Beatrice Baker

Malik attended elementary school in Alego Kogelo, at what is now the Senator Barack Obama Primary School, renamed in 2006.  About 1967, Malik and his sister Auma moved into the large Woodley Estates home, in Nairobi, where BHO  Sr. lived with his second American wife, Ruth Beatrice Baker Obama Ndesandjo.  Malik and Auma attended private schools.  Malik’s mother Kezia worked as a waitress and lived elsewhere, Alego or perhaps Shauri Moyo in Nairobi. Various other members of the extended Obama family came and went at the relatively posh home–certainly posh compared to conditions in the Obama ancestral village.

According to the Sally Jacobs biography of Barack Sr. (p. 232), in 1973 Malik was attending the prestigious Lenana high school, a boarding school in Nairobi (formerly known as the Duke of York school).  Malik is not listed by Wikipedia as being among Lenana’s distinguished alumnae.  Jacobs reports that BHO Sr.’s wife Ruth (who reportedly came from a prominent New England family) paid Malik’s tuition.  Jacobs also averred that Ruth was the only real “mummy” that Malik and Auma ever knew.

Auma Obama

Malik remained in Kenya at least until 1977, where he was spotted visiting his father at his apartment, after BHO Sr.’s separation from Ruth.

Sometime before his death, allegedly in 1984, David Opiyo Obama Ndesandjo, second son of Ruth and BHO Sr., ran away from home.  It was on the streets that Malik is said to have found David and took him under his wing, becoming his refuge and mentor in the ways of pan-Africanism and possibly Islam.  Before Malik moved to the US, he studied at a “madrasah in Nairobi.”  In his admittedly semi-fictional memoir, Dreams from My Father (p. 265), Barack stated that Malik got a degree in accounting from the University of Nairobi.

It’s said that David Opiyo died in a motorcycle accident, but the year changes, depending upon the source.  To date we’ve seen no independent confirmation of this event–no news story, no photo of his grave.  Why was he not buried next to his father and grandfather, especially because he embraced his African roots?  In some versions of the story, Ruth’s family blamed Malik for David’s death, because Malik and David had been out on the town together that fateful evening.  Malik was drinking and carousing, and ended up being arrested. David borrowed his motorbike to get home, according to Barack’s book.  Not long afterward, Malik left Kenya for the USA.

Coming to America

By 1985, Malik was in the USA, because Barack, who at the time worked in Chicago as a community organizer, traveled to Washington, DC, to visit him. Malik admitted meeting Barack in the USA, “for the first time” in 1985.  WND tells us that

A private investigative report … shows that Roy Obama has been identified since 1988 with 22 different rental addresses in the Washington, D.C., area, including addresses in Prince Georges County and Montgomery County, Md.
Malik’s mother, Kezia, says she first met Barack in Kenya, when he visited in 1985. But an African news article stated that Barack first went to Kenya in 1983, “to mourn his late father,” who died the year before.
Did Malik return to the USA with Barack in 1983? Or did they travel together to Kenya to meet the family in 1985?

Aunt Zeituni

Why did Malik come to the USA?  What drew him?  Was it the presence of his long “lost” illegal alien Uncle Omar?

But Malik lived in Maryland, while Omar lived in Massachusetts from the time he arrived around 1963.  Omar (aka Obama Onyango) was in Cambridge in 1971; he was still there in 1987, according to an IRS lien against him for non-payment of taxes.  Aunt Zeituni Onyango came and went, too, but she also lived in Massachusetts.

What exactly did Malik do for a living in Washington, DC, from 1985 until he returned to Kenya? Did he work as an accountant, as one story implied?  Where did he work?  (Update 07/02/13 This story states: “A graduate in finance and accountancy, Malik, 54, has worked for the American Red Cross and firms such as Lockheed Martin and the Federal national mortgage association.”  That association would be Fannie Mae, unless the UK reporter is mistaken.  The story is unclear about when Malik worked at any of these places.  Or where.)

Was Malik sponsored by his brother Barack who, despite official accounts, may have met Malik and the rest of the Kenyan family in Kenya, after the death of their father?  Or was Malik here illegally, too, like Uncle Omar and Aunt Zeituni?

When Barack first traveled to Kenya and met his African relatives is unknown. It all depends upon what source you read!  Again, refer to the O Timeline for details. (See the convenient tab at the top of the blog.)

How old does he look there?  22?  Certainly a very young man.  This in-depth story seems to indicate that Barack did go to Kenya shortly after his father’s death:

Jane Obonyo, Keziah’s sister, was the woman who telephoned the future US president to inform him about his father’s death. … It was Keziah Obama’s daughter, Auma Obama, who picked him up from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. She took him to Jane’s residence in Kariokor flats where Keziah Obama also lived. … During this visit the future president also lived with Auma (Keziah’s daughter) at her residence in the plush suburb of Kileleshwa in Nairobi. … Keziah had started living in the Kariokor flats with her sister Jane shortly after the burial of Dr. Obama in 1982. Her biological son, Abongo Obama travelled to the US. … Abo and Ben Obama, the younger sons of Keziah were teens at the time and … Auma Obama was studying at a German university where she later earned a doctoral degree.

Another story from an African journal flat out states that Barack was in Kenya in 1982 for the funeral.  So it seems that Barack visited Kenya before Malik moved to the USA.  Some speculate that there was a dual purpose to this trip, which hints at the reason for the obfuscation:  In order to keep his Kenyan citizenship, Barack would have had to travel to Kenya to swear an oath of allegiance upon reaching the age of majority.  Only then could he keep his Kenyan passport (if he had one, that is).  Nobody knows (who’s telling) what nation’s passport Barack used on his many overseas trips to Pakistan, Indonesia, Kenya, and Japan, among other destinations.

Public records shed more light on Malik’s life here in America. A private investigator learned that Malik has a Social Security number and that it was issued between 1985 and 1987.  But then, again, so did Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar–both illegally in the United States.

In March of 1988, Montgomery General Hospital filed a complaint in the District Court of Montgomery County, Maryland, against defendant Roy A. Obama of 8623 Flower Ave, Takoma Park, MD.

An American Wife?

In July of 1990, Roy Abon Go Obama of 7244 Landover Road #C, Landover, MD 20785,  filed for divorce in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, MD. The respondent/defendant was Mary K. Cole of 5200 Silver Hill Road, Forestville, MD 20747. The case number was CAD90-16597, Obama vs Cole. The divorce was uncontested and granted by Judge Ernest Loveless on October 10, 1990.  Records do not show the date of marriage.

Was Mary  K. Cole a U.S. citizen?  It seems likely, given her surname.  Did they have children?  Not mentioned in the court records that are available online.  This story says that when Barack met Malik, he was married to an “American Peace Corps worker.”  Mary was likely that particular wife, unless Malik was married to more than one American woman at the same time.

Which begs these questions:  Did Malik meet Mary through her work for the Peace Corps?  Did their marriage give him a ticket to the promised land of America?  Did their marriage allow him to become a citizen of the USA, if he is a citizen? (07/02/13: Did his association with the American Red Cross coincide with her work at the Peace Corps?)

A Name Change

In November of 1991, Malik filed in Prince George’s County, Maryland, to officially change his name from Roy Abon Go Obama (aka Abon Go Malik Obama) to Abon’go Malik Obama. Malik still lived at 7244 Landover Rd, #C, in Landover, MD. On March 7, 1992, Judge Ahalt granted his request. The case number was CAE91-22380.

The next year, Malik served as best man at his half-brother Barack’s wedding, in Chicago, to Michelle Robinson.  They married October 3, 1992, at Trinity United Church of Christ, the congregation of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Malik wore traditional African clothing. Which of his wives attended, if any, is unknown.

Another American Wife?

In March of 1996, Sheree A[leta] Obama (dob 6/2/59) of 7978 Lakecrest Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770,  filed for divorce in the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County, MD. The respondent/defendant was Abongo M Obama of Nyangema [Nyang'oma] Kogelo Primary School, Ngiya Slaya [Siaya, Nyanza] Kenya. The case number was CAD96-04351, Obama vs Obama. The divorce was uncontested and granted by Judge Martin on July 11, 1997.

Sheree is also listed on public records as Sheree Wood Obama.  Exactly when they married and whether they had any children is not mentioned in the available court records.  It seems likely that Sheree was also a U.S. citizen, going by her name.  Malik stated that Barack was best man at one of his marriages.  Which marriage  and where the wedding took place is unknown at this time–Malik has had many wives on more than one continent.  Although unemployed, Sheree appears to have generously donated $500 and then later another $250 to her former half-brother-in-law’s election campaign in 2008.

In 2003, Malik married a young woman who, when they first met in 2000, was still in Muslim secondary school in Kisumu.  Her name is Hafsa Abwanda; she is now about 33 years old. On video, Hafsa tells how she didn’t like her role as a “co-wife”, how Malik had more wives than the four Islam allows, and how she “escaped” the marriage after five years because Malik beat Hafsa (and his other wives). Hafsa shows a photo of Malik with several women and children, and she names the wives. Malik denied to the TV reporter that he had more than the allowed number of wives, but the caption beneath the video says,

NTV has reliably learnt the teenager could be the twelfth woman to live with Malik as husband and wife.

Malik has joked that he won’t discuss how many wives he has. Malik and Hafsa had a son before she fled the marriage.  Below is the photo of Malik, some of his wives, and some of his children, as identified by Hafsa on the video. 

In August of 2004, Malik was in Kenya, living with an African wife named Fauziah Anyango.   Malik remained a “frequent visitor to the USA,” but the report does not explain how his frequent trips were financed. In October of 2004, he ran an electronics shop and occasionally worked as a “consultant” in Washington DC.

A video on You Tube that was posted during the campaign of 2008 features Malik.  He talks about his worry that too many people in Kenya are cashing in on Barack’s new-found fame.  Malik wanted to “pursue it,” leaving the impression that Malik was worried about the commercialization of his brother’s name only because whatever these Kenyan entrepreneurs made was cash not flowing into Malik’s pockets.  Or, to be charitable, into his charity’s pockets. Several reporters appeared to agree:

But the foundation seems to be capitalizing on the Obama name. A California-based company is selling T-shirts with the president’s image and the phrase “Yes We Cannabis.” It promises half of the proceeds will go to the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

What a wonderful example to set for the youth of the world!

On the video, Malik stressed that he wanted to set the record straight: He’s Barack’s brother, not his uncle, an error that he said was too frequently made in media reports. Malik had an interesting take on Barack’s election, stating,

My brother rules now.

Which foundation were they talking about?  That would be Malik’s charitable foundation.

Alton Baysden

In 2008, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a supposed tax-exempt charity, was founded in the home of Alton Raymond Baysden, who formerly worked for the US State Department and later for the UN in Haiti.

Last May, Baysden admitted to reporters that they had not registered as a charity before soliciting for and collecting donations, which for ordinary people would constitute fraud. Ordinary people being anyone not related to Barack Obama. As with other instances of questionable issues involving members of the extended Obama family, the White House had no comment.  More about Baysden here.

Investor’s Business Daily carried an editorial in January of 2008 that expressed some concern over Malik’s influence on soon-to-be President Barack Obama:

The candidate [Barack Obama] already has heeded his church’s “nonnegotiable commitment to Africa,” spending an inordinate amount of his campaign time on the Kenyan crisis, for one. Obama has close family ties to Kenya, and even founded a school in his ancestral village — the Senator Obama School.

In the bloody conflict there, which already has claimed some 700 lives, Obama appears to have sided with opposition leader Raila Odinga, head of the same Luo tribe to which Obama’s late Muslim father belonged. [Raila claims to be Barack's cousin.]

Obama’s older brother still lives there. Abongo “Roy” Obama is a Luo activist and a militant Muslim who argues that the black man must “liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture.” He urges his younger brother to embrace his African heritage.

Beyond family politics, these ties have potential foreign policy, even national security, implications.

Odinga is a Marxist who reportedly has made a pact with a hard-line Islamic group in Kenya to establish Shariah courts throughout the country. He has also vowed to ban booze and pork and impose Muslim dress codes on women — moves favored by Obama’s brother.

In 2009, visitors arrived in Kogelo:

A group of Missouri State college students who visited the Obama family village … and who met the president’s half-brother [Malik],  felt something was amiss. They sensed he was an “operator” and decided to give their donation of 400 pounds of medical supplies directly to a local clinic.

“We didn’t know what he was going to do with them,” said Ken Rutherford, a former Missouri State professor who led the trip and who shared in the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for his work to ban landmines.

Rutherford said the Obamas’ relatives are the only Muslims in a village of 4,000 Christians and that Malik has a private mosque on his property.

In January of  2009, Malik was spotted aboard a plane departing from DC, headed for Doha, Qatar.  At that time, Malik said he owned a company called RockStone of Afrika Siaya Electricals. A search on that name turned up a rather unimpressive blog.  Malik took a pilgrimage to Mecca around the same time, and started a family feud with step-grandmother Sarah Ogwel Onyango:

Malik Obama the President Obama’s step brother allegedly tried to assault Mama Sarah Obama and other family members  forcing … police intervention … after … brief fist skirmishes.

The discontent in the Obama family came to the surface recently emerging from a long standing dispute between Mama Sara Obama and her step grand son Malik Obama aged 50 who recently returned from a pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Malik who is a step grand son according to Sara put his own homestead on mama Sara Obama’s parcel of land. He left the homestead secretly in the absence of Mama Sara who had traveled to Karachuonyo to see other members of the family. It is mama Sara who had the land title deed registered in her own name and … tradition … and virtue required Malik to [seek] her permission first before constructing any structures.

But Mama Sara says Malik … who is the first child of the late Barrack Obama Snr and his first wife Kezia… forcefully constructed his own home,and fenced it off and is alleged and rumoured to have sought for cash donations from some Arab Moslem countries to enable him construct a Mosque on the same land without Sarah Obama’s permission.

Upon his return Malik is said to have … started the foundation of the proposed mosque without Mama Sara’s permission. But she … was only prevailed upon not to take legal action against Malik by the immediate members of the family during BARRACK Obama Jnr Presidential campaign in the US since the publicity could have impacted to it negatively. But she said plans are underway of evicting Malik out of the land in the near future.

Malik and others of the extended Obama family were invited to the White House for the Inauguration. 
Malik on the far left.  On the far right, Joseph Ndesandjo, son of Ruth Obama Ndesandjo and her second husband.  Second from right, Mark Ndesandjo, half-brother of Barack on their father’s side and half-brother of Joseph Ndesandjo on their mother’s side.
In February, 2010,  Al-Riyadh reported that “Al-Malik Hussein Obama, the brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, participated in a Khartoum conference of the trustees of the Organization of Islamic Da’wa.”
The following June, a rift developed between factions of the Obama family in Alego Kogelo, centered around the construction of the Obama cultural center.  Allegations were that Sarah Obama was fostering questionable ties with Libya and “Islamic Arabian states” and that Dr. Rita Auma Obama’s “real brother” Malik Obama had “established many Arabian contacts in his dealings and investments.”  The situation threatened to embarrass the Obama administration, causing then US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael  E. Ranneberger, to intervene.  It seemed to boil down to a power struggle between Sarah Obama and Malik Abongo Obama over who was the true spokesperson and decision-maker for the Obama family.  Hard to say who won that battle.
The following October, Malik made news again, when it was reported that he had married for the “third time.”  This time the bride was a 19-year-old named Sheila Anyango, 30 years younger than he.  Sheila’s mother, Mary Aoko Ouma, was not amused that Sheila had dropped out of school to marry Malik.  Mary wished never again to see her daughter, because she married against her wishes, without her permission, and also set a bad example for her siblings.  Malik denied that he did not have Mary’s permission.
In December 2010, Malik was featured in the Saudi Gazette:
Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Abdul Malik Obama said the family is a perfect example of this mindset [of tolerance] because the US president has embraced Christianity while the rest of the family are Muslims and are leading Da’wa work, the religious call, in Africa.
Abdul Malik Hussein Obama is spending most of his time in serving about 10 million Kenyan Muslims, who represent 35 percent of the country’s population, through Islamic centers and charitable societies he supervises
He is also working as the executive secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization in Kenya.
Despite the circumstances of his work, he has been in contact with his brother, President Obama, and maintains a private office in the USA, where he manages his private business, along with three offices in Kenya.
Dr. Ali Al-Malki, adviser, religious caller and member of the Reconciliation Committee, said he met Abdul Malik Obama earlier this year in Sana’a, Yemen, during the deliberations of a forum to help orphans.
 Al-Malki said he has coordinated with Abdul Malik Obama to visit Kenya and learn about the work of the charitable and Islamic societies there and the cooperation among them.

Dr. Ali Al-Malki (or Maliki) is a member of something called the “Reconciliation Committee”, which appears to be a Saudi NGO (Islamic/Shariah law) that helps resolve religious disputes and criminal cases.

These days, Malik lives in Kenya next to step-grandmother Sarah, serving as the self-appointed “president” of the village of Nyangoma-Kogelo, helping to keep reporters away from Sarah, who appears to be almost under house arrest because nobody can visit her without permission from the “district commissioner”, who won’t give permission on orders, it appears, from the Kenyan government.
Which brings us back to the WND story about the special treatment Malik’s foundation received from our federal government:

This week, the IRS confirmed to WND that the Barack H. Obama Foundation received a determination letter in June, awarding the group tax-exempt 501(c)3 status, retroactively to 2008. …

The concern of the National Legal and Policy Center was that the foundation may have violated federal and/or state postal and tax laws by soliciting via the Internet and U.S. mail tax-deductible contributions without having made required filings and without having received necessary IRS tax-exempt determinations.

The Form 990 listed Samuel Andika Obiero of Arlington, Va., and Andrew Mboya of Hackensack, N.J., as directors, in addition to Abongo Malik Obama.

The Form 990 … did not list Baysden as a director.

We have not yet tracked down the identities of the other two directors of Malik’s Foundation:  Andrew Mboya and Samuel Andika Obiero.  But we’ve learned through experience not to believe in coincidences when analyzing the Obama family connections.  BHO Sr. was a friend of Tom Mboya. Was, in fact, a witness to his assassination in Kenya.  BHO Sr. was also a friend of a postal worker by the name of Adede Abiero (a variant of the Luo name Obiero).  Abiero was killed when BHO Sr., driving drunk, crashed his Fiat into another car. Abiero was in the passenger seat.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Sally Jacobs reports in her book (p. 6) that Malik intends to write the “definitive biography of his father.”  No surprise at all!  There’s hardly an Obama or an Obama relative who hasn’t written a book or, as is the preferred method, a semi-factual “memoir” with composite characters and fictitious timelines.  Likely most of them have ghostwriters.  Barack Obama, Mark Ndesandjo, Auma Obama, George Obama, Michelle Obama, Maya Soetoro-Ng.  Now Malik.

From the “you can’t make this up category”, a June 2011 video, from a gathering in Washington DC, features a speech by Malik Obama about “character education.”    Malik’s speech was long, slow, full of platitudes, and lacking much of substance.  Although he’s a devout Muslim, Malik said he finds the goals of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program to be in line with his own beliefs.  Certainly Malik has one thing in common with the founder of that organization, Yisrayl Hawkins:  Many wives.

Yisrayl is alleged to have 30, so Malik has some catching up to do.

In his speech, Malik stressed what he considers to be major problems facing today’s world:  lack of self-control, selfishness, self-centeredness, fear, and poor leadership.

Dare we hope that Malik has changed? 

Updated 9/23/11: A book by David Mendell, Obama: From Promise to Power,  clearly states on page 355 that Barack Obama first went to Kenya to meet his relatives in their home village in 1983, “just after college,” so after graduating from Columbia University. Mr. Mendell traveled with Obama in 2006 to Kenya, where he met and interviewed members of the family, as well as speaking with Obama about his life history.  Mendell also wrote about the unusual security surrounding the  Obama clan and the high level of concern Barack’s campaign staff had with regard to WHAT exactly the family said to reporters.

It’s worth noting that in the summer of 1983, Obama would have turned 22. A pertinent section of the Kenyan Citizenship Act reads as follows:

Minors who are Kenyan nationals “by descent” (i.e. born abroad of Kenyan parents), become nationals “by registration” upon reaching the age of majority (21) and not “by naturalization”. They are required to renounce the nationality of their country of birth between their 21st and 23rd birthdays, and take the oath of allegiance. Any such persons who fail to do so on or before their 23rd birthday, automatically cease to be a citizen of Kenya on that day.

The law does not provide for dual citizenship for adults (those over 21 years of age), but allows minors (those under 21 years of age) to retain the citizenship which they may have acquired by birth, descent or registration, as the case may be. Any minor who acquires Kenyan citizenship is granted a period of two (2) years from their 21st birthday to decide on which nationality to retain. However, failure to renounce the other nationality on or before the 23rd birthday results in loss of Kenyan citizenship.

It appears that Barack and Malik met before Barack visited Malik in Washington DC in 1985. They likely first met in Kenya after their father’s death.  It follows, then, that both of them appear to lie about when and where they first met.  Their assertions are adamant and seem coordinated. What’s their motive to lie?

Other members of the family, the very ones who worried Gibbs and Axelrod so, weren’t as careful with their timeline.  The African media also reported what appears to be true–Barack Obama was in Kenya years before he claims and certainly before 1985.  Why lie?

It’s plausible that Barack traveled to Kenya to take steps to prevent himself from losing his Kenyan citizenship.  If so, he swore allegiance to Kenya; and he’d have a Kenyan passport upon which to travel.   Worse, he would have also renounced his US citizenship.  Did he?  Is that a motive to lie?

Likely, when he visited Pakistan in 1981, he used an Indonesian passport, because he was listed by his stepfather on school records in Indonesia as an Indonesian citizen.

Some have reported that until he became a senator, Barack Obama didn’t have a US passport. And yet, he traveled internationally and extensively before that time.  What passport did he use when he went to Kenya to research his book in 1991?  What passport did he use when he visited Kezia in Bracknell?  Why might it be important for him to retain Kenyan citizenship?  This was around the same time that he embraced his Kenyan name–Barack H. Obama II, rejecting Barry Soetoro.  Did foreign citizenship help him to get into Harvard Law, after having been a mediocre student at Columbia?  Why won’t he release his college records?  Why was his passport file at the Dept. of State “cauterized” of “embarrassing information?”

Updated 5/28/2013:  A scandal has erupted in the Obama administration.  It was learned that the IRS harassed Obama’s political opponents when they applied for the same tax-exempt status that his brother Malik’s charity received.  During the scandal, it was learned that Malik’s application was given fast track as well as “retroactive” tax-exempt status.  Tea Party groups, among other conservative groups that were targeted, mostly remain in limbo, after years of waiting and jumping through IRS hoops.  Obama’s IRS continues to persecute his political opponents via the apparatus of the executive branch of the U.S. government.  Retroactive approval of Malik’s application was a transparent attempt to immunize him for breaking U.S. law (details at the link).  Walid Shoebat has written an excellent summary article that describes the corruption surrounding Malik’s “charity” and the threat it poses to U.S. interests. ( h/t Leza and Papoose)  Here is just a sample:

Malik’s activism is usually seen with individuals who head nefarious entities; the head of the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), Adnan Khalil Pasha as well as with the Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Atta al-Mannan Najib and the president of the Turkish organization IHH, which was behind the 2010 Gaza flotilla and included the backing of Hamas and the Free Gaza Movement (FGM), a group endorsed by Barack Obama’s friend and Weather Underground founder, Bill Ayers.

There’s an interesting nexus here between that Gaza flotilla and “peace activists” Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, and Carlos Arredondo, who was present at the Boston Marathon bombing and who belonged to Sheehan’s organization.  We can’t forget, also, that a Saudi national was originally involved in the investigation of this terrorist attack.    The man is said to be a member of the Saudi royal family.


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  1. Did Malik get that retroactive reprieve from the IRS just in time for him to be brought to DC to speak to that foundation? He talked about them bringing him on the 30-hour trip, so likely they paid his way. I wonder what his speaking fee was?

    In the now-famous photo of Obama with his Kenyan family:

    Is the woman hugging Malik his American wife Mary K. or is that Sheree?

    In that photo Malik holds, above, was that taken when Barry stood up for Malik, as best man at one of his weddings?

    • Have you ever noticed that family pictures are always out of focus so even if enlarged, the people’s faces aren’t clear? We have identified several of the photos used as qualifying family photos as being photo-shopped and this is one of them.

      It is also interesting to note that the family photo of those attending the inauguration included Joseph Ndesandjo who has stated that he was not related to the family.

      • What I’ve noticed especially is how the early photos, from Kenya, looked photoshopped. In particular, it appears that in some cases, they photoshopped onto Barry’s shoulders his head from years later. In other words, trying to make him look older than he actually was when he was there. Especially this one looks like it has a pasted on head:

        That photo was taken at the same time as the one in my post, where he’s walking with a sack over his shoulder. You can tell by their clothing. SAME CLOTHES. But look at his hair and face. Much younger in the photo with the sack. His cheeks are chubbier. More like a boy’s face than a man’s. The pasted-on head? That’s a man’s face. Leaner. Hair is different, too. So why are they trying to make us believe he wasn’t there for his father’s funeral?

  2. Excellent biographical information on yet another “relative” of Barack. Law abiding doesn’t seem to run in the family. Did Malik marry in this country to get a Green Card? For such a poor family that had no running water or electricity, they certainly seem to be globe trotters! Who has financed all of these trips for this indigent family (and poorer than dirt they were according to our standards of poor!).

    I am wondering how those green cards work. Do they get social security numbers and are able to work legally if they marry in the US? How long does an alien who marries and then divorces get to stay in the US? This would also affect Maya and her marriage to Gary Forth, and her subsequent divorce. Did she apply for naturalization?

    Where is Sheree or Mary K. now? They haven’t cashed in on being interviewed yet. What would they know that would add to the background story on Barack or Malik? Did Jacobs interview either of them?

    • TY. It was quite a job to pull together all the research from our fine crew of researchers (you know who you are!)–research that we’ve gathered over the years. h/t to all. Maybe some of our genealogically-minded friends will know how we can learn when and where Malik married these American women. Like father, like son. BHO Sr. may have married Ann, originally, to stay in the US, but that didn’t work out in the end because Harvard sent him packing back to Kenya.

      Ruth the well-off, as well as BHO Sr.’s moneybags girlfriend/benefactress Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, seem to have played a big role in financing the extended family and their educations. But all of the clan have learned how to use connections. Gaming the system helps, too.

      How convenient that Malik got retroactive approval for his “charity”. That solves all. No investigation. Nothing to be seen by the public. Same with Uncle Omar. He’s released, supposedly has to check in with immigration periodically; but nobody knows where he is or if he’s checking in. What about the DUI case? What about ignoring a deportation order? Someone said that’s a felony. So there should be an investigation, open records, maybe a trial? Watch for pardons all around.

      Zeituni got off the hook. Do ordinary people who do the same thing get away with it? Zeituni got public benefits. Did Omar, too? Were their SS#’s legitimate? If not, isn’t that identity fraud?

      My guess is that Maya got one of those nifty consular birth certificates, being born to a US citizen overseas. It’s possible that if Barry was born overseas, that’s what he got, too. Ann would know the ropes, working for USAID and the Ford Foundation, not to mention the Indonesian government.

      I saw nothing in Jacobs’s book about Sheree or Mary K. Cole, but I only saw snippets on Google books. Interestingly enough, there is a Cole mentioned in the book: Mr. Arthur W. H. Cole of the East Africa Survey Group is the person for whom Barry’s (and Malik’s) grandfather Onyango Obama worked as a “houseboy”. Any relation to Mary K.? The only mention of the Peace Corps in Jacobs’s book is on page 195, where she says that Ruth’s family fibbed and told everyone that Ruth had joined the Peace Corps and that’s why she was in Africa.

  3. Did Obama just grant his aunt, uncle, and sister Maya, amnesty?

    I saved this bookmark, because of Obama’s photoshopped pictures. Lots of good material here.

    • Bob, can you be more specific? I can’t see where on that site you found photoshopped pictures.

      And yes, he probably did just grant amnesty to them all. But even if he didn’t, he’ll be granting tons of pardons on his way out. That is, unless he’s impeached and/or indicted, as he surely should be.

      Remember when Clinton left? The people that he and Eric Holder pardoned? Mark Rich. And then there are the terrorists, so look for more terrorists to be pardoned this time around. Mumia, probably fo shizzle.

      From a story during Holder’s confirmation proceedings:

      “But questions about Holder’s appointment have been building over his role as a former deputy attorney general in a number of controversial Clinton-era legal decisions. High on the list are the dramatic sentence reductions he recommended in 1999 for members of two groups responsible for a years-long terror campaign aimed at Puerto Rican independence.

      Four of those who received presidential clemency, members of the group Los Macheteros, were convicted of involvement in the $7.2 million armed robbery of a Wells Fargo office in West Hartford in 1983. About half the stolen money wound up with the Cuban government, which had helped train and finance the robbers. [THAT WOULD BE CONNECTICUT. 1983. ANOTHER ROBBERY. MORE MISSING MONEY. MORE TERRORISM. CONNECTICUT. COMMUNISTS. HMMMM.]

      One Machetero, Juan Enrique Segarra-Palmer, had his 55-year sentence cut by about half and the three others had fines of either $100,000 or $50,000 forgiven. None of the four was pressed by the Justice Department to provide information on the whereabouts of the never-recovered money or three fugitive participants in the robbery, including Hartford native and inside man Victor M. Gerena. Such pressure is a common precondition for clemency.

      Together, the groups are linked to 130 bombings, several murders and as many as a dozen robberies. When President Bill Clinton issued the clemency, the FBI said the two groups were the driving force behind the violent wing of the Puerto Rican independence movement and represented one of the nation’s foremost domestic terror threats.

      As the No. 2 man in the Clinton administration Justice Department from 1997 to 2001, Holder directed the federal Office of the Pardon Attorney, which is responsible for investigating and issuing recommendations on executive clemency applications.

      As a result, he had a decisive role in controversial Clinton-era pardons, including that of billionaire Mark Rich, a fugitive tax cheat whose case has dominated discussion of Holder’s nomination and is expected to be topic No. 1 at the confirmation hearings.

      But Senate staffers said the Puerto Rico clemency is expected to be the subject of considerable questioning. A senior Justice official, while generally supportive of Holder, called the lesser-known Puerto Rico commutations “far more egregious” because they involved terror and appear to have deviated widely from federal regulations and past practices in clemency matters.
      [So was the Rich pardon the Alinsky distraction?]

      Interviews and a review of congressional records show that Holder’s recommendation for clemency was at odds with a report by the Office of the Pardon Attorney. The pardon attorney issued a second report to Holder about two years later that took no position on clemency. Critics say the second report violated rules requiring the pardons attorney to recommend either for or against clemency. The clemency was widely condemned when Clinton quietly announced it, late on a Wednesday during a congressional recess. Law enforcement officials said it undercut the war on terror. Republicans, armed with internal White House e-mail, called it a ploy to swing mainland Puerto Ricans to Democratic candidates in the 2000 elections — in particular to Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate campaign.

      Before her husband’s clemency decision, Hillary Clinton met privately with New York City Puerto Rican leaders, who acknowledge pressing her on what they called the “political prisoner” issue. But the Clintons deny any link between the clemency and the Senate race. … Two congressional committees opened inquiries, but were hindered by President Clinton’s assertion that clemency deliberations are the subject of executive privilege and should remain secret. The administration refused to produce documents or permit officials to testify, saying disclosures could chill future clemency discussions.

      Holder was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in October 1999. He conceded that bombing victims were not consulted about clemency, but for the most part Holder declined to answer substantive questions, including why the Office of the Pardon Attorney issued two inconsistent reports and why those getting sentence commutations were never pressed to provide information about fugitive co-defendants.

      Groups unequivocally opposed to the Puerto Rico clemency — the FBI, Federal Bureau of Prisons, bombing victims and the U.S. attorney’s offices in New Haven and Chicago — were either not consulted or ignored. But the records show that Holder and other top Justice and White House officials met at least nine times with advocates for the prisoners. Notes of those meetings led congressional critics to complain that the officials advised the prisoner advocates how to craft correspondence to support the case for clemency. …

      Well, as I said, the power of the president is absolute in these areas and can take into consideration a variety of things,” Holder said. …

      The Office of the Pardon Attorney took up the subject after receiving an application on Nov. 9, 1993, from Dr. Luis Nieves Falcon, a leading Puerto Rico Independentista acting in behalf of a group called Offensive ’92. The application was accepted, even though federal regulations require those seeking clemency to file formal, personal petitions. … The federal prosecution arising from the Wells Fargo robbery is one of the longest and most complex ever undertaken by the office. Three men indicted in the robbery — Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Avelino Gonzalez Claudia and Gerena remained at large at the time of the clemency applications. … Congressional records show that, by late 1996, Love had recommended against clemency. Her recommendation was forwarded, through the deputy attorney general’s office, to the White House.

      For reasons that Holder and the Clinton administration declined to share with Congress, the clemency process for the Puerto Rican prisoners continued despite the negative recommendation. … Among other things, the letter said the prisoners were forced into violent acts because the U.S. government did not allow for “other avenues for exercising self-determination.” … The letter said the prisoners were willing to work with the federal government to reach “a just and dignified political solution to our colonial problem.” It said the prisoners participated in mostly symbolic “actions,” but conceded that “in all liberation processes, there are always innocent victims on all sides.” … The source, who requested anonymity to avoid being drawn into the controversy, said Holder’s recommendation in favor of commutation accompanied Adams’ report, which also referenced earlier law enforcement opposition to the clemency.

      The report and recommendation reached the White House on July 8, 1999, congressional records show. Clinton commuted the sentences just more than a month later.”

      Since Barry notably agrees with the “logic” of the arguments these TERRORISTS made, and since he probably also sympathizes with the logic of thug union members, the Palestinians (Hamas, Hezbollah), the New Black Panthers and Islamic jihadists, will he react any differently when it comes time for him to exercise his pardon and commutation power? Not bloody likely. btw, why are these stories all scrubbed?,0,683127.story?page=2

  4. Miri, I hope you do not mind me posting this here. EXCELLENT post btw.

    If Americans only knew what Barack’s “Change” really meant.

    The Clash of Ideologies in Africa – Kenya

    David J. Jonsson
    January 26, 2008

    This is the third of a series of articles on The Clash of Ideologies and Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Alliance.

    As Kenya braced itself for a fourth week of post-election unrest and violence resulting from the continuing standoff between President Mwai Kibaki and the opposition leader, Raila Odinga it is worthwhile to explore in depth the causes and the players as more live are lost.

    Although the propaganda being put out by the press considers the events the result of vote counting, tribal conflicts and ethnic cleansing, deeper issues exist concerning the Clash of Ideologies between Muslims and Christians. The funding for the clash has origins resulting from foreign government funding of mosques, charity, and investment.

    Islamic governments have targeted Kenya as a key element in the spread of Islam in the Horn of Africa and ultimately the world. The Kenyan Diaspora including Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Hussein Obama has also played a part. The fall of Kenya into Islamist control would be devastating to anti-terrorist activities in the Horn of Africa, not to mention the potential for the expansion of a caliphate. One has to ask, how fast will Kenya go Islamic and apply Shariah law?

    Barack Hussein Obama – The Rise of Islam in Kenya
    I have worked and traveled in the Christian and Muslim countries Africa for more than 30 years. I have witnessed first hand apartheid in South Africa, the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe, coups in Nigeria and Sudan, the rise of Al Qaeda, the growth of the Muslim Brotherhood and other key events. In spite of witnessing all these events, I believe that the recent events Kenya stand out as a watershed event signaling the emerging resurgence of Islam in Kenya and the beginning of the open Clash of Ideologies between the Muslims and Christians.

    The events unfolding do not represent a Clash of Civilizations, ethnic issues or a race issue, the conflict is between Ideologies – Muslim vs. Judeo Christian Ideologies and between Leftist/Marxist authoritarian (Liberal Fascism vs. democratic free enterprise.)

    Kenya a Microcosm for Future Events
    The battles occurring in Kenya are a microcosm of the future battles that will occur in the West and the United States elections as we witness the growth of the Leftist/Marxist – Islamist Alliance striving to achieve “Change” and create a New World Order leading to the formation of a global Islamic kingdom of God. Whether it is by economic means through the formation of Islamic finance and economics and acquisition of Western assets via the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), military and political action, or terrorism, the goal is the same. The growth of Islamic Financial institutions and their Sovereign Wealth Funds applying Shariah law should be an early warning to this growing trend. See also: Sovereign wealth rules Financial Times, January 21, 2008.

    Snip –

    Origins of Islamization in Kenya
    The Clash did not begin with the battles, terrorism and genocide following the election in December of last year. The preparation for the open Clash began as an Islamization movement in the 80’s and 90’s with the building of Mosques and Madrasses, the dispatch of fundamentalist Imams to Kenya and has moved into the open in 2008. It’s been hard to escape the news of the horrific atrocities coming out of Kenya.

    Recently we learned of children being torched and burnt alive in a Kenya church. In broad daylight, a crowd of Kenyans set a church filled with hundreds of terrified families on fire and listened to their screams as flames engulfed them.

    The violence is the worst Kenya has witnessed since a failed coup in 1982. The media has been, shall we say obtuse, in describing the combatants, the murderers – what exactly is at play. It is interesting that Barak Obama should saddle up to the agitator – Raila Odinga aligned with Islam. However, Kenya’s Muslim population crossed the Tipping Point (See: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell) where Muslims traditionally assert themselves and their Islamic law (shariah) on the poor, unsuspecting host country. In the November elections in the United States, like Kenya the Muslim vote may be the key Tipping Point in critical states, such as Michigan for the election of the next President. See also from Global Politician on November 9, 2007: From the Mosque to the Schoolhouse to the White House by David J. Jonsson.

    Snip –

    The Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Islamization
    The men who manage the so-called sovereign wealth funds of the Persian Gulf for their governments are quickly becoming some of the world’s most powerful money managers. The net foreign assets of Gulf Arab states are set to rise to more than $2,000bn by the end of this year on rocketing oil prices. I don’t think we should have any illusions that their investment decisions are totally benign investments. Merrill Lynch said on January 15 that it would raise $6.6 billion from selling preferred shares to an investor group that included the Kuwait Investment Authority. Thus the investment is raising the issue of the future role of Islamic Finance and Shariah law on the U.S. financial institutions. It is important to note that the Sovereign Wealth Funds are ultimately tools of government for investment and political gain. See also:Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Potential Tool of Asymmetric Warfare by David J. Jonsson.

    Snip –

    Foreign Government Influence
    The actions by foreign governments have led to the conversion to Islam of politicians. Much money has been coming into the country from places such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and the Sudan. These countries would like to see Islam expand from the Horn of Africa throughout East Africa and possibly further. In addition to funneling the money into charitable organizations, the money has gone to national television programs to explain Islam and to line the pockets of politicians.

    In addition to building mosques, other projects include the recently opened Iran clinic, which basically offers medical services for free. Such efforts are expected to make Islam a viable alternative to Christianity. Moreover, in targeting young educated urbanites for conversion, they hope to give Islam in Kenya a vital young look in the hope of luring the younger generation which is disillusioned by the myriad of schisms in Christianity.

    The extension of existing mosques and the building of many new ones are thus the key to this growth in Muslim converts as these shrines will provide the space for the teaching of new converts.

    • Thanks for reading the post. I know it’s long but it puts together a lot of what WE have learned about him. Your contribution to the research is noted and appreciated, Leza! I’ll probably update the post as we learn more about Malik, so we can keep it together in one place. I hope to find time to update that O Timeline because it helps to put things into perspective.

      Thanks also for the link to this story. It perfectly belongs here and I don’t mind you posting it at all. I’m happy to have people realize the implications of this family. While we may ridicule the imbroglios of people like Uncle Omar, Auntie Zeituni, and even Malik of the 12 wives, there’s a serious thread running throughout these tales–it’s like a snake, with a Marxist head, a Muslim body, and a tail full of nepotism and corruption.

      This is the milieu in which this POTUS was raised. Later, he was mentored in the hate-whitey “church” of “Reverend” (but not to me) Jeremiah Wright–a black nationalist and a closet Muslim himself. But wait! He says he’s a “former” Muslim, which reminds me of another who FIRST said, taqiyya-like, that he was NEVER a Muslim–until documents PROVED otherwise.

      We see Malik and Granny Sarah COURTING Muslim, Arab, LIBYAN support. Saudi shariah enforcers are traveling TO KENYA to see how Malik community organizes in Kenya for the Dawa.

      Islamic charities are KNOWN sources of money to finance terror attacks all over the world, including the USA. Malik knows what he’s doing when he sets up a bogus foundation that collects money, but nobody knows where that money is going. Remember the Luo blogger who set out to do the job Barry promised to do, but never did? To support those Senator Obama schools?

      Muslim charities reap benefits in the name of “charity” but the money goes elsewhere–either into their own pockets (bad enough) or into the pockets of thugs like Odinga who foment riots or terrorists who wage jihad.


      A perfect example of that writer’s point about how Saudi oil money buys power:

      “RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia will pay $200 million to the Palestinian Authority, the official Palestinian news agency said on Monday, funds that will ease a financial crisis faced by the authority as it prepares to apply for full U.N. membership this week.

      Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf called Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to tell him his government would transfer the funds, the WAFA agency reported.

      A shortfall in funding from Arab states including Saudi Arabia had been identified as the cause of the crisis which has highlighted the authority’s vulnerability as President Mahmoud Abbas prepares to press the Palestinians’ statehood agenda at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York.

      Last week, both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank identified the authority’s financial crisis as a danger to the state-building program which Fayyad’s administration has led over the last two years.”

      THIS POTUS is doing everything in his power to KEEP the Saudi stranglehold on OIL and the power it delivers. I heard a representative of the American oil industry on radio today. He talked about how approval for that oil sands pipeline from Canada through the USA, which SHOULD HAVE BEEN approved 2 years ago, has been held up by Barry for over 3 years. He also pointed out that by next year, oil production FROM THE USA will be DOWN 25%. If Barry wants us to be energy independent, he’s going in the wrong direction, FAST. The man also pointed out how Barry has gone to Brazil to tell them how we’ll HELP THEM DRILL THERE, in Brazil, and then assured them that we’ll BUY THEIR OIL.

      So Barry is doing everything in his power to make sure the USA does NOT become oil independent, instead making us MORE dependent upon the Saudis and socialist states in South America. But he does want us to spend our shrinking resources to develop alternative energy technologies. Why? Not to make us independent. No, so he can transfer the technology to the Saudis because THEIR oil and THEIR power to rule is quickly running dry.

      His goal is NOT to make AMERICA energy independent, it’s to KEEP America DEPENDENT upon the Saudi king to whom Barry BOWS and to help them to RULE what they hope for–the reconstituted caliphate. Is there any other explanation? I don’t buy that Barry’s an environmentalist. I do buy that he practices taqiyya on a daily basis.

      Wake up, America. Unless you want to become the 58th state.

  5. Just a few small additions to a very thorough post!

    Malik is an Arabic word meaning “king”. To Muslims, Malik is one of the names of Allah, “King” in the absolute sense.

    William Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn named their two children Malik and Zayd.

    Zayd is an Arabic name meaning “one who progresses and makes other people progress.” The most famous person in Islam named Zayd is Zayd ibn Harithah, who was the orphan boy fostered by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

    • I remember that Dorhn and Ayers named their kids that, way back when. There are so many Muslims named Malik.

      If the post is thorough it’s only because I searched for everything I could find that our group of researchers turned up over the past few years. Thanks for reading it. The only “new” thing I had to add was to confirm that he was married to those two American women, although some people have said that it’s possible to get divorced without a marriage. That’s what some say to explain how it could be that BHO Sr. and SAD got divorced, when nobody can find a record of any marriage. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know what’s true.

    • Because we are talking about names, the mother of these people in the Obama family comes to mind. Few of their names would translate into English, yet they are called Grace, Roy, Bernard, Ben, Joseph, Mark, and Barry. That gives me the idea that there was another influence other than Luo in the naming of children.

      Also Miri, remember when Obama was giving a campaign speech to the Jewish community, and he translated his name into Hebrew? I think that is when he said his name meant blessed. Baruch comes to mind, but that probably isn’t right. Is that on your post with all his names?

      • You have a good memory. I seem to recall it but couldn’t find it on the blog. Here’s a link:

        There’s a You Tube, too, but I will give only part of the link. If anybody wants to see his face, they can cut and paste and put it back together. :) http://www. /watch?v=vDblsnZjbMo

        I have a different definition of his name. Guess.

      • Found it.

        Obama’s Half-Brother in Kenya: He Is Good for the Jews
        6/12/2008, Sivan 9, 5768

        Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik, living in Kenya, said Thursday that the candidate will be “good for the Jews” if he is elected the next president of the United States. Malik Obama is a Muslim living in western Kenya, the country where their father was born.

        Sen. Obama has declared he is a Christian, and he is trying to erase a pro-Arab image, embellished by his middle name, which is Hussein. During his campaign, he told Jews at a Florida synagogue that his first name in Hebrew is Baruch, which means “blessed.”

      • and Bridgett ,as I have said before, there is a Richard Ndesandjo. I was looking for somewhere to put this. Hope this will do since you’re giving names. Now ,here’s proof that Ms. Ndesandjo has now claimed Richard as her third son. Either she has alzheimer’s or she has now disowned Joseph,at least in this story.
        This magazine,like the other one I found her in is just about a year old. Notice ,she says how Madari got its name. I don’t believe her,but it’s a new take on old info. She still can’t seem to mention her husband’s name even when she talks of him.
        Like you said before, the faces in these photos , when enlarged look somehow a wee bit fuzzy.
        And the Ruth Beatrice Baker photo just has to be a photoshop gift. Where did it come from? Did ms. Jacobs provide it? Remember the other photos of Ruth holding a baby. For sure, they are not the same person. Ruth’s hair has been black,blonde, and grey with dark roots.THe Beatrice Baker Ruth looks to be a composite photo on a skinny neck. Notice other photos of the real and older mrs. Ndesandjo and her very muscular neck.She certainly didn’t aquire a muscular neck in old age ,but in her youth, unlike this Beatrice one.
        This is a real stretch, but Joe Biden’s wife’s name is Jill JACOBS Biden. you reckon she knows this journalist Sally Jacobs?

        • This magazine article should also be a bit of proof that they are lying ,because it was Joseph throughout the history of this family. She says her three children (not four now with Richard added). And it was Joseph(who looks latino) in the innaugural photo with Mark (who looks asian) and no Richard or even a mention of Richard, till now. Why?
          This woman’s interviews seem purposely obfuscating.
          If anyone could find any history on the property that Mrs. Ndesandjo supposedly gained from her mysterious husband, it would be quite good.
          Of course, I don’t think Mrs. Ndesandjo was ever married to Mr. Obama, and possibly didn’t go to Kenya till around 1980’s. Notice again, she says a different story how she got her teaching credentials, and now a bachelor of science degree(Not an English degree,Important fact), and of course she can’t give us information where she achieved any of this extroidinary achedemics either. Here also now we learn she was a nurse, so where did that education come from, other than the thin air? Now it may be important for her to interject the nursing experience so she can give us more lectures later in that other magazine,on health issues . Oh , there is so much more…..

          • Hi Alfy. It’s good to hear from you again. She is covering for the photo supposed to be of BO SR. and her and two boys. Remember that photo was of Joseph and Mark. In that photo, SR. was dressed in scrubs and holding a syringe. Also, remember Marks web page with info. on Joseph. You are sooooooooooo right. There is soooooooooooooo much more!

            Richard? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

            With the story on the naming of the school, could she be revealing her naming scheme? NDS and JO?

        • Bridgett would you please post this new Ruth photo at the link with the other photos? Thanks

          • furthermore, Mrs. Nides-and-jo has never ,until this article said she had a third son Richard. Remember, I found a Richard Ndesandjo doing various things in the US and then playing tennis in Kenya. Richard was also mentioned on the Kenyan High School chat about Mark and others ( most likely to establish them as going to high school in Kenya,but there is not proof.) She doesn’t say she has four children, but three (this is from her own article ) children;Mark ,David, and now Richard.
            Kathy, the photo you mention with Obama in white scrubs and a syringe—–I think he is holding a cigarette!not a syringe! funny…..
            She says MADARI kindergarten was named for her three children, so poor Joseph got left out or maybe he was born after she named her kindergarten,only Mark doesn’t seem to know Richard was ever born. I found Richard at Cornell University(if he was really a student there ,I can’t prove it. The internet is a wonderful tool for creating identities for people, so maybe what I found on him there is false?
            And……if Joseph was born after Richard and when she opened her kindergarten then why didn’t he go to school there? And if Obama went to Kenya as the story goes in 1983 , David is not dead yet, and Richard is never mentioned by Auma or Mark or anyone else.
            One thing I do know for sure, in all my name searches , there almost always is a Richard person listed. These people like to use names to designate something or someone important to them. Perhaps Richard is Ms. Ndesandjo’s real husband or real son in her Real past!
            An important point……Mrs. Ndesandjo, in this article states she is a grandmother…….oops, did she mean to let that slip? Yet, none of her children have any children! I’ve got a hunch……and it is important! everyone must recap on Mrs. Ndesandjo before her story gets meshed away into oblivian……. She is hiding the better part of this Obamanation story. If you find out Ruth’s real identity you will have solved a huge, huge mystery! I am certain of this 99%

        • Hi Alfy !

          • Good morning Renee! did you check out the ” Passion” magazine article I found on Ruth? Hope so. Hope you are doing well.

  6. Another source claims Obama forgery planted in Hawaii DOH
    Report comes as Sheriff Joe’s posse probes birth record released by White House
    Jerome Corsi

    Another Hawaii source with inside knowledge has asserted that Obama supporters placed a forged 1961 long-form birth certificate in the vault of the Hawaii Department of Health.

    Talk-radio host and former Nixon White House operative G. Gordon Liddy told WND that one of his trusted informants in Hawaii reported to him that while the document was forged recently, there may have been tampering with official Obama birth records as far back as 1978.

    Liddy’s warning came in response to WND reports that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is mobilizing a law enforcement unit with the authority to investigate allegations that the Obama birth certificate released by the White House April 27 is a forgery.

  7. Miri | September 20, 2011 at 3:08 pm | Reply

    Bob, can you be more specific? I can’t see where on that site you found photoshopped pictures.
    Miri, Sorry. The archive site has changed. The info prior to 2010 is not there anymore. The old archive site went back to 2008 or before, and included photoshopped pics supposedly from Obama’s high school days around the basketball court, and others. I don’t know if they are still available or not.

  8. Can anybody identify that shorter guy in the photo Malik’s holding? Just curious.

    I updated the post.

  9. Landed on this page from a semi-random search, thought I’d post it in case any of you glean something of interest in it. I did think it interesting in the “odinga visit” article that it says… ” And following the US banning 15 top ranking Cabinet Ministers and Members of Paliament from setting foot in the land of democracy”… Odinga will ride high with platitudes from this political opprtunity that many Kenyans cherish to enjoy…
    Is that common knowledge?

    • Those are interesting blog posts, aren’t they?

      “The life and times of this man whom four years ago was a start up junior only-black senator representing Illinois, Chicago, is but a fairy tale from the magical tales we read our children before bedtime.”

      So even Kenyans KNOW it’s a “fairy tale”. Certainly is. That’s from this post:
      That writer praises Barry for riding public transportation, sleeping on the floor of a hut, and carrying Granny Sarah’s “kales” to market for her, back when he was in Kenya (no date given). And then this post talks about Ruth:

      “Confirmed sources in Nairobi yesterday revealed the existence of an American woman who answers to the name of Ruth Ndesanjo, who was once the wife of Senior Barack Obama, the Kenyan father of US Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama!
      Visited by the daily Nation at her upmarket residence of Lavington in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi, the reserved now Mrs. Ndesanjo refuses to talk about politics, a woman who features prominently in Barack’s book Dreams From My Father.
      As she went about her business in Nairobi as Madari kindergarten teacher, she told the Nation: “I’ve been here (in Kenya) for 44 years and run this school for 28 years, but my age is none of your business.”

      A close family friend who talked to the Nation after the interview at her residence had fond memories of his encounter with Ruth’s parents in Boston, USA, in 1966. Mr Barack Odinge Odera said Obama Snr and Ruth were a wonderful couple.”

      So this family friend met Ruth’s parents in Boston in 1966? Interesting. There’s one comment at that blog. What do you make of the anecdote? Who do you think “NBO” is?

  10. This may be considered petty, but nevertheless,

    by whom and whereby did Mark and barky inherit their bad skin affliction ?

  11. Link to a conversation that has some interesting information on Mr. Baysden, who served in the US consulate in PAKISTAN in 1984!

    Oh, yeah. And Roy’s running for office in Kenya. He wants to run for president of Kenya, too.

  12. President Obama’s half-brother, Malik announced run for Governor of Siaya
    January 16, 2013

    Obama inspires brother to run for office in Kenya elections
    KOGELO, Kenya | Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:26am EST

    More information about the posts above at the comment that Miri cited above.

  13. Another one from the AP. Malik is as arrogant as his alleged brother.

    Obama’s half brother on campaign trail

    (AP) / 17 January 2013

    President Barack Obama’s half brother has hit the campaign trail in his native Kenya in a bid to get a county gubernatorial seat in the upcoming March 4 elections.

    Malik Obama, 54, who shares a father with the US president, told AFP that the achievements of his more famous brother have “inspired and
    challenged” him to get into politics. “When I look at the success that my brother has had in America, I feel I would have let down my people if I do not follow in his footsteps,”

    Obama told AFP in an interview late Wednesday in his ancestral home of Kogelo in western Kenya. Standing well over six feet and dressed in faded jeans and a flowered beach shirt, Obama, who describes himself as an economist and a financial analyst, but who dodges questions about his employers or clients, said he is well-equipped to deal with the “endless cycle of poverty and unemployment that bedevils my people.”

    “I can confidently say that I am the best placed candidate … by virtue of my second name alone, I have the connections to bring development to Siaya,” he told AFP, referring to his home county some 100 km (60 miles) from the lakeside city of Kisumu. Obama will need his name if he is to stand any chance against the competition, which includes Oburu Odinga, the younger brother of Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, the de facto head of the Luo community, of which Obama is also part.

    He said his links to Washington will help him clinch the seat. “Why would my people settle for a local connection when they have a direct line to the White House,” he said as he weaved his way through a group of supporters, the slogan “Obama here, Obama there,” looming on posters.

    • He IS arrogant, which gives pause if we consider that perhaps they’re not brothers. That said, however, we have to consider that it’s endemic amongst Muslim men to BE arrogant. So is it nature (genetic relationship) or nurture (coming from the same culture)?

      DODGES QUESTIONS about his employment and clients. What a surprise! Too shady for words. Just like his “brother”.

  14. Obama’s Brother Works With Man Who Attacked US Embassy
    May 24, 2013
    Theodore Shoebat

    Since the IRS scam has become the most momentous topic of the day, we now know, thanks to my father, that Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, is deeply associated with Omar al-Bashir, the one who was behind the attack on the US embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, which occurred at around the same time as the Benghazi attack

    Malik is the Executive Secretary for the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is stationed in Khartoum, Sudan, and which has its primary focus in expanding Wahhabist Islam in the African subcontinent. It was also in Khartoum, as I have written on before, where Bashir declared that he was going to make Sudan’s new constitution “100 percent Islamic”.

    Malik Obama shares the same desires as Bashir, in fact both of them attended the General Conference of the Islamic Council of South Sudan, and both attended a meeting for the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Da’wa Organization,

    Right now, Bashir’s government is executing the dechristianization of and the systematic holocaust of Christians in his country. He is violently enforcing that Arabic, the language of Islam, be the dominant tongue; foreign missionaries have been forcibly deported, and churches have been bulldozed. In 2012, Bashir gave Christians till March 1 to leave North Sudan, but half a million of them were stranded, leaving them open targets for Muslims thirsty for Christian blood.

    Malik Obama is not only working with a terrorist who attacked the United States, but also a mass murderer.

    • Is this the brother that was his best man at Barry and Michelle’s wedding? You know ‘best man’ as in someone you trust?

    • Gateway Pundit’s covering this, too:

      We might be talking about it here, also:

      (Actually, we might have been the first to “report” his connection to the Da’wa (other than the Muslim press).) GP’s post has photos of Malik with his newfound “friends”.

    • Obama half-brother uses IRS status to fund polygamy?
      No evidence of support for poor while wives live large at resort
      May 28, 2013 Snips

      NEW YORK – Funds contributed in the United States to a 501(c)3 foundation run by President Obama’s older half-brother, Abongo “Roy” Malik Obama, have been diverted to support Malik’s multiple wives in Kenya, an expert on Islamic extremism has charged.

      Walid Shoebat, an Arabic-speaking former Muslim Brotherhood member, has detailed his allegations in a 22-page investigative report titled “New IRS Scandal: Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves: Report Reveals Obama’s Relatives Run Charities of Deceit,” published on his website

      After a thorough examination of available evidence, Shoebat explained to WND his allegations against the Obama family tax-exempt foundations:

      “When Malik Obama and Sarah Obama raised money in the United States as the respective heads of foundations claiming to be charities, not only did the Internal Revenue Service illegally grant one of them tax-deductible status retroactively, but these foundations have supported – to varying degrees – illegal operations that acquire funding for personal gain, philandering, polygamy and the promotion of Wahhabism, the brand of Islam practiced by Al-Qaeda.”

      For the past two years, long before the current IRS scandals became public, WND has been reporting irregularities in two IRS-approved 501(c)3 organizations operated in the U.S. by Obama’s half-brother and step-grandmother in Kenya:
      Shoebot charged that Malik Obama is abusing non-profit funds. “There is no evidence to suggest that Malik is building any houses in Kogelo for widows and orphans as claimed,” Shoebat said. Neither is there evidence that the Mama Sarah Foundation has built any homes for widows, orphans and HIV/AIDS victims.

      “The only evidence where monies were spent involves the Barack H. Obama Recreation and Rest Center in Kenya, which housed Malik’s 12 wives in a facility that includes a restaurant and a mosque with a madrassa,” he said.

      “While building mosques is legally considered charity, evidence shows the entire funding came directly from entities and individuals from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain,” Shoebat said. “There is nothing of charitable nature to show for all the funds Malik raises from the United States. To date, there is no evidence for any accomplishments toward building homes for orphans, widows and AIDS victims in Kogelo or anywhere else in Kenya.”

      • WND has determined that he has a valid Social Security number, issued in Washington, D.C., between 1985 and 1987, and associated with both the names “Roy Obama” and “Abongo Malik Obama,” names that he appears to use interchangeably in the U.S.

        A private investigative report commissioned by WND shows Malik Obama has been identified since 1988 with 22 different rental addresses in the Washington, D.C., area, including in Prince Georges County and Montgomery County, Maryland.

        According to a recent report in the Los Angeles Times, Malik Obama, a frequent traveler between the U.S. and Kenya, has declared himself to be the “president” of Nyangoma-Kogelo, the family’s ancestral village in Kenya.

        WND was not able to determine the legal status of Roy Obama to live and work in the U.S.

        • That’s odd because he didn’t legally change his name to Abongo Malik Obama until 1992. The WND story has several of the head games photoshopped photos. Whose head do you think was really on this photo?


        • Valid like Barack Obama’s, Auntie Z’s and Uncle Omar’s perhaps? You know the kind they purchase in parking lots outside of 7-11’s! I wonder how many SSN’s Malik has? We know BHO has several in his name, one being that of his alias, Harrison J. Bounel. Who has examined Auntie Z’s SSN or the fraudulent card she holds? All are aliens and should be deported back to Africa whether their lives are in danger there or not. Let them all live with Granny Sarah in her protected compound where she has been silenced from speaking to anyone. One has to wonder what these people do with all of the money they receive for keeping quiet about their “relative.” Kenya certainly has benefitted in Economic Aid via the Usurper.

          • It doesn’t matter. They will either make an exception and give them some kind of “legal” and “retroactive” status and in the end Barry will pardon all of them, anyway. There’s nothing to stop him from doing it, short of impeachment and then he can probably just hurry up and do it, anyway.

    • Malik’s activism is usually seen with individuals who head nefarious entities; the head of the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)

      The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO)

      Egypt: The International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) and whether it is involved in funding terrorist activities

      28 January 2003

  15. Exclusive: President Obama’s half-brother selling his hand-written letters for $30k
    12:42 PM, May 30, 2013 Snips

    President Obama’s older half-brother Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama is selling two of Barack’s handwritten letters to his relatives in Kenya for $15,000 each, Page Six has exclusively learned. Malik is selling the two letters on White House-headed note paper, which both say, “Thanks for your prayers and support” and are signed “B.O.” They’re for sale through US collector Gary Zimet’s
    Malik was also accused of fraud over the charity, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, in 2011, after a watchdog accused the organization of advertising that it had nonprofit status when it allegedly didn’t. But this month it was revealed that Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the Tea Party scandal, signed papers granting the foundation tax-exempt status within a month of filing in 2011, while other conservative organizations had been waiting for years for approval.

  16. Obama Brother In Bed W/ TERRORISTS Granted TAX-EXEMPT IRS STATUS!
    May 31, 2013

  17. Some clown from Florida just fell into the black hole of moderation (an event horizon from which he will never escape) with a typical obot comment that we must hate Obama because this post is full of “gossip” and “hateful comments” that amount to “MADE UP bull droppings.” Well, as I said, this is typical because, as with all obots, this person never addresses the CONTENT and all we get is Alinsky ridicule and “hateful” comments making false allegations. Every thing said in this post and in most of the comments is backed up. That’s why there are LINKS to the source of the VALID and TRUE information. When you can’t argue the facts, attack the messenger, huh?


    ” … Al-Masry Network also published the claims of intelligence sources showing that Malik Obama’s Organization is the main sponsor to Islamize the Nuba area, Aswan and Luxor. The Aswan region is a territory in southeastern Egypt that borders northern Sudan, which includes a long stretch of the Nile river. During the Mohammed Mursi regime, both Egypt and Sudan (under Omar al-Bashir) would have presented an opportunity to work toward the slow erasure of the border between the two nations. Such negotiations in Aswan would have predictably caused Egypt’s Security Forces great concern…. “Authorities within Egypt’s security apparatus have warned over the past two and a half years of the movements of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), based in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, headed by businessman Kenyan owner Aboonju Obama (Malik), the elder brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, according to security authorities who are privy to the details of the investigation. One official said the organization and its president, a close friend of the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir, support the Muslim Brotherhood with money, as well as the international organization of the group…”

    The article further reports that Malik has headed the IDO not only in Kenya but leads the organization headquartered in Khartoum and “overseen by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir”. His role allegedly includes assisting and regulating the global Muslim Brotherhood agenda. … In short, Malik Obama’s prominent role as Executive Director of the IDO, at minimum, implicates his brother in a serious conflict of interest matter relative to national security. That Malik was given illegal tax-exempt status by Lois Lerner may implicate his brother as an accessory to terror funding (this is why Lerner should be granted immunity for her testimony). So far, members of Congress who sit on such committees have shown no desire to do this. One such Congressman – Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) – has been well aware of the IRS scandal involving Malik Obama for several months and has called the charges “spot on”.

    Yet, he remains silent today.”


    About Malik at the Dawa 2010 conference, wearing a scarf advocating the destruction of Israel. Remember, Malik was in OUR WHITE HOUSE. An honored guest.

    • Here’s an interesting quote by Malik:

      “Everyone’s referring to us as half, quarter,…step, things like that,” he says, displeased even by the taste of those words. “I think that’s like weights and measures. This didn’t even occur to us until he became president, until he gained prominence. And now we’re sort of like celebrities.

      “But this is a streak of ignorance,” he adds. “Here in Africa we don’t think of each other as ‘half’ this or that. In an extended family, someone is your brother even if he is just in your clan. So I…am Obama.”

      And another:

      “Ask Malik how often he and his brother talk nowadays and he boasts that it’s about once a year, as though that’s proof of their intimate bond. “Of course we’re close!” Malik says, just a bit too loudly. “I’m the one who brought him here to Kogelo in 1988! I thought it was important for him to come home and see from whence his family came—you know, his roots.””

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